three years ago

I wasn´t so bussy, like these days and Frodo came to our family.
Thank you for all your comments, I´m looking forward to see and read all your new posts ( after one more week of hard work)
look at the great work of Michaela Pavlátová


rhodes animals

Some animals I met on Rhodes (including my daughter and her teddy bears.
The quality of some photos is not very high. The day before we left, I found out, that my camera is broken, so I had to take all the pictures with my mobile phone.
Thank you al,l for the comments from my last post. I am sorry I still didn´t visit your blogs and leave a comment. I am under a big time pressure, because I haven´t done on Rhodes as much work as I wanted ( of course), so now I am working from the morning till the morning :-)


back home

I spent the last week on Rhodes. It was nice, but still too hot for me. Next year - up to North!



tomorrow early morning I am leaving for one week vacation. I am taking my work with me, but it is always better to work and listen to the see, than to the radio :-)