good light

on my shelf

and a good friend on my knees :-)

Tonight I´ll spend watching one of my favourites movies - Billy Eliot.
Have a nice weekend!


best way

how to spend a sunday is to:make a trip with friends

visit their beautiful house and studio

and learn something new


wedding day

yesterday, while trying to fix up our bookcase, I found this picture from my parents wedding day. I really love my mother´s dress and shoes.


some blue

I have seen today....
Thank you very much for all the nice comments from the other day and wish you wonderful weekend.


the work

is done.
the portfolio is full ( over 500 illustrations )

the crayons are short

the scissors are blunt

and my hand is tired ( and the head empty )


a nice

sunday trip we had yesterday. With a wonderful weather, yellow, orange and red trees, just walking and relaxing, picking up apples and walnuts. And I saw the kingfisher for the first time in my life.
a nice "autmn" jewellery by V.Nováková
click to view larger


6 random facts

I was tagged by Flora, for 6 random things.
So there it is:
1.my life was always somehow connected with animals.
2.I like to drink coffe with a lot of milk
3.books are my big love
4.as I child I was extremly shy ( and sometimes I am yet)
5.in graphics and drawings - blurred colours are my favourites
6.I was born in Prague and I never lived in another town, but I am dreaming about an old house in the countryside
and I tag Yasu and Ritva


almost finished

some illustrations from the book I have worked on last three months. It should be finished this week...