sunday way

from an old horse home :-(

to the new one :-)
It was a wonderful trip, with the best weather we could wish.



little friends! That´s the way, I could spend part of the winter time - sitting close to the window and watching those lovely birds, coming for their seeds.
click to see them bigger


we are

sick, my daughter Dorothy and me. So we are spending the time in the bed, watching the snow outside and trying to make sock monkeys. I hope you are enjoying your weekend, wherever you are :-)


let me

touch you...
one of my old drawings. I want to start working on a new cycle of drawings and prints and sometimes it helps me, to take a look at my old works.


strange day

was yesterday. First I fell off our donkey looking horse.The beast just waited, till I was upright again and then he ran away.... After this action, I went to....
the dentist, which is always frightful for me. I am SO afraid - always.
In the afternoon I felt, like spending the whole day working as a miner - so tired and painful :-)
I hope you had a better Thuesday.


how we used

to play, few years ago...
Have a nice weekend, maybe with a tea party?


today I tried

to organize some of my treasures. This is endless work, I have so many things, which I have to keep....
Sometimes I´m dreaming about to throw them away, but I can´t.
This sampler of yards I have got from my friend years and years ago.
How do you keep your treasures? Do you have some system? Or are you so brave and don´t keep them?