spending my days at home, mostly in bed, eating healthy things. This time, the flu is extremely strong.
But what I want to say today is: big THANK YOU! for your sensitive comments in my previous post. It still hurts, but we have Frodo, who is the best healer ever.
Wish you all a nice, happy weekend!


  1. Green tea, vitamin C & lots of rest. Hope you'll be feeling better soon!

  2. you made me cry...
    you ...

    : )

  3. OH I'm so sorry to hear this about your sweet dog:((( It's always so hard. We had once a lovely dog that got so ill too that we had to let him go..
    I love that picture of her jumping!

    Hope you feel better soon! Have a nice sunday.

  4. oh what a pity! my favourite drink against cold is fresh ginger+lemon+honey-mix. it at least tastes good;)
    take care and get well soooon!!

  5. Anonymous2/09/2009

    Your pictures are lovely :)
    So sorry to hear about your dog...
    Get well soon!

  6. I hope you are now feeling a little better... Cotton sheets and orange juice would do for me if I had the flu... :)

  7. get better soon!! flu is no fun...
    beautiful pictures though:)

  8. hope you are feeling better, andrea! you are taking beautiful photos, despite having the flu. i was sorry to hear you lost your dog in the previous post...glad you still have frodo.


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