i forgot

to show you the book, I have been working on during the sommer. Unfortunately the light is not very good for taking pictures today...



is curious :-) click on the picture, to see Frodo bigger.
Have a look at the short preview (on the bottom of the page), from the new movie On the loft,made by my ex professor J.Barta.
Have a nice weekend everybody!


i was

tagged by dear mansuetude. 4th photo in 4th folder - it was quite difficult for me, because my folders are very , very unorganized! So here it is - Dorothy and Frodo in the morning ( or evening?) :-)



spending my days at home, mostly in bed, eating healthy things. This time, the flu is extremely strong.
But what I want to say today is: big THANK YOU! for your sensitive comments in my previous post. It still hurts, but we have Frodo, who is the best healer ever.
Wish you all a nice, happy weekend!


it´s hard

to say goodbye... Yesterday, we had to end the life of our dear, old dog Agapa.