i know

about you!
Yesterday´s drawings, they have some connection with this old drawing
And i like these pastels a lot


pet art

funny and playful exhibition. Everything is made from plastic bottles by sculpturess Veronika Richterová also here
Have a nice, sunny and funny weekend!


some colours

for today... It´s not very nice to have feet nr.41 and new slippers with the name " big fish"


monday, the day

of happy findings :-) Today my sister has found this puppy, on her way to Prague. He was hidden in the bush, close to the road, frightened, dirty and hungry. He seems to be about 6 months old and is very friendly with her kids. So he has got a name - Pepek and I felt in love with him. But we have Frodo - our number one and if we will have a second dog, it has to be a girl :-)
click to see him bigger


look, look,

look! What the postman brought to me! These wonderful cups from Marie-Louise Sundquist.
I was very surprised, how delicate and light they are. Thank you so much Marie - Louise! You really made my day. And the other days too - because I´ ll drink my coffe and tea from them every day.


easter trip

some findings
some secret places
and some forrest flowers I have seen yesterdy. I hope you all had happy and sunny Easter days.



to find this Mandarina Duck bag in the second-hand store
to talk with mister Frodo
to see the sun playing games


have you ever

seen this? :-)
I have seen X-ray picture of my skull, part of my back, my teeth, my leg, some parts of my daughter´s body, but this is the firts time, I could see the leg of my horse.