let me introduce

a new member of the pulli family, that I showed you few days ago. This is elephant Bruno I. He was made as a present for my mother in law ( who is an elephant colector).
The pulli family will go to the new opened shop of mine. You are welcome ( unfortunately is only in czech - in the case of your interest, please contact me via email - in my profile, thank you !)


sunny sunday

trip, with a beautiful early baroque church,

lizzard photomodel,

strange flower

and a crazy running dog :-)
Hope your weekend was as nice as mine.



was the weekword from Alexandra. There was a lot of ideas in my head, but the time is my enemy. So I have to use one illustration, which was done for a childbook. This was about home - when you are lost and sad, the door of your home is alwasy open for you .Other participants are:
Aimee, Jenna, Fruenswerk, Nathalie, Esti, Kristi, Sandra, Aris, Thereza and Lea


some other

Waldemarwork is on my table... Soon they will be in the shop :-)
click to see them bigger


a lot of

silent beauty. Today we viseted ( just accidentally) a monastery in Hájek, close to Prague. It is interesting - this place was many, many years used and destroied by the army and still it has such a strong spirit and atmosphere. This visit was just like a present for me! Have nice rest of the weekend.



it´s hard to belive, that this girl has grown up so quickly. When I start to think about the time, there is one good medicine for me.
I´ll have a blog break for couple of days. My computer has some troubles, so I´ll send him to the computer hospital. I hope it will be just a short procedure, because I´ll miss all your posts and comments.