small rest

after the weeks of work, I am starting to rest a little bit. The illustrations are almost finished - I´d like to show some of them here - unfortunately, I don´t know, how to show the vector picture in a good quality - any suggestions , please?. So, today I met my sister, with her lovely kids,

watched the dogs play their fast games

and started to make some new softies :-)



on a book for small kids. The book will be full coloured and this simple picture is a work accident. But I have to say, I like it little bit more, than the original. This work and Bublina costs me all my time


Bubble :-)

the owner
and the intruder

exercises on the stairs

and the sleeping dog :-)

She is completely crazy, runing, jumping and biting everything and everybody.
More pictures of her and Frodo here


new member of the family

Look ,who is, since Wednesday a new member of our family. She´s a girl, 7 weeks old and her name is Bublina ( Bubble). Click if you want to see her bigger :-)
Bohemian girl mentioned this interesting website
Wish you wonderful summer weekend!