let me introduce

you Silvestr - hero of the book I am finishing right now.Click on the picture, to see him better.


I am back

after few days, that I spend with the students in the small village. We had a great time, the only one problem was that I´ve lost half of my teeth....
Have a nice weekend with or without your teeth :-)


When I am

tired from the computer work and my box with the woollen rests is full.....


Bublina 4 months

old girl. She´s getting bigger and bigger, who knows how big she´ll be in the end?
sometimes it´s not easy to count her legs
and her ears are living their private life - once up, once down, once to the left, once to the right :-)

so close, so far

just around two corners, few tram stops from where I live. Old Střešovice and vila of Loos.

I like: vegetableorchestra