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somethig else, I have found this pictures. On the first one, it is my husband´s grandmother. I am not sure about the second one, but I like both.


  1. beautiful photos. I like that they aren't smiling!

  2. Funny is,that grandmother Jarunka looked the same, when she was almost 90 years old :-)

  3. Wow, these are beautiful! I just picked up a few old photographs of children, one of the photos is in a frame that has images of fairy-tale characters pressed into it. So wonderful!

    Just found your blog through s l o w p r o g r e s s, really love your shop and what you're doing! Where are you located?

    I have a blog too. I am actually hosting a free give-away of an 11x17" fine art print of one of my photographs. Check it out!


    Thanks so much!


  4. Wow, I just realized you are in Prague! That is so amazing! I used to live right near the Náměstí Míru metro station!

  5. The photos are lovely- or rather the little girls are lovely-what an amazing thing that the grandmother looked the same when she was a grandmother ...a special one for sure!
    I love the drawing for the poster for your exhibition!congratulations!- I hope we get lots and lots of pictures ,I am very very interested to see your work.
    Very,very best with it all,
    Annamaria xx

  6. they are beautiful!

  7. They are beautiful, and holds so much history

  8. Beautiful photos a nd I also like the things I stumble upon when I am looking for things. Most curious what turns up.

  9. yes, very beautiful photos!


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