I am back

for a while, or for a long time....We´ll see. I have some news, that I have to share with you.
There was an article about my exhibition in a czech art magazine Atelier.
I spent a week in Maribor - I took the rest of my red cells :-) and went there with my colleauge Maria.
We had a workshops at the Maribor university. We made with the students handmade paper, simple bookbinding and the blueprint. Maribor is a very nice town in a wonderful landscape, unfortunately the weather was very cold and rainy, nothing for a trip.
Here is a first part of my pictures from there, I hope you´ll enjoy them.


  1. hope you feel better now? and that your red cells are back!
    great news about the article;) the workshop sounds great!

  2. Thank you Maria! Yes, it´s a bit better and it feels like at least some of them are back :-)


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