my new book is

 out! It is always a little bit strange feeling. A mixture between joy and sadness. But there is another book to work on...


but the monkey

didn´t answer rabbit´s question. Just took the cap on and giggled :-)

there are two things

 that I like in winter most of all - the snoey silence and the graphic black, white and grey landscapes



a present for

my self...  I opened the web page of the author  - and what a surprise - I admired her work already here ( the paper jewelery ).


he was

the best man of my life:
- he never talked to much...
- he was always able to listen to me
(although I was singing)...
- he loved every  meal, I gave him...
- he was never unfaithful and never jealous...
- he was never angry, when I came late...
- he was always tender...
- he was here, to make me happy...
- and he never left dirty socks on the floor...

and the rabbit

answered:" Are you serious?"


how to

catch the rabbit in three steps.
for someone, how will know...
click to see it bigger


It can be difficult

to communicate. Another new blog of my friend Svatka. She makes wonderful prints and a lot of nice and usefull things. Have a look.