just a short hello

after days full of sleep, foreign destinies, thoughts..... Thank you Dorothy for the lovely rabbit brooch and jeve for your visit full of energy ( and I don´t mean the oranges...)


while you

were sleeping...
From tomorrow I should spend one week in the hospital.
It seems like a good time to relax and sleep enough :-)
See you soon


i am longing for

the open space, for the nature, for the trip, for the horse friend, for..........
thank you dear mi.ui for this song


I couldn´t resist

 and had to buy this old diary. There was a surprise inside! Old, dry trefoil and tiny love lettres...



a game, before I throw I away...

tuesday flowers

I have found this old calendar in one of my books. Don´t remember where is it from.
The strange flower is ceropegia sandersonii , present from the friend I haven´t seen for two years. 
Thank you Václav!


dear friends and

visitors. On Monday I am leaving this place for one week. Have a nice time and "see" you soon


first he was

 a Christmas present and little shy boy. Then he has got a name Uhlík (little carbon), samurai´s belt and the little sword. Now he is a little, brave hero. Like in the real life, am I right?


if you remeber

this post , then you remeber I wrote, I must have this cap.
And voilá! here it is. Thank you Lenka so much!



some members

of my family say, I am childish. Maybe yes, because I like to play.
But the hunting season is over, let´s make something more
I still don´t have my own computer and my daughter´s notebook is not very comfortable for me, so you have to wait for the PF...