today, me and my new silly looking bear friends are awaiting a visit. Someone dear, with whom I share my passion for cherry liquor...


day in the studio

 sometimes I have to relax - and change the place. Printing machine instead of computer, real colours and brushes instead of  photoshop tools. Different kind of music, old stove, wet papers....


me and...

and my sister. As you can see I used to love softies and caps, since I was a little girl.


I hope

this will be a story - one day. About a naughty boy Lstiburek and his friend little Jane...
I would love to go to Bologna to see this


this is not

 the scandinavian blond! ( as they wrote on the box ). this is yellow, yellow, yellow!!!
this yellow is much better :-)


I have to

work really hard, to use all these new labels. The small ones are satisfied with their new "tails" :-)


new calendars

are already here! With ladybirds fort the girls, with sailors for the boys and with stickers on the backside for both. You can buy them HERE