it´s time

 to say goodbye Hradec!
I will come back, but not as a teacher. I will just make a trip, enjoy the nice city and visit some friends...


I belive

 one day, soon or later, we will have a good horse, not a jumping flea :-)
bottom picture - my hand after 20 minutes working with Glen from the ground


lucie is here

 with her wondeful glass beads
I am happy owner of this tiny bird
You, who couldn´t meet her, find her work here


who knows

 Bonzo the famous cartoon dog?
I used to love the book as a child and I still do. I found this tiny Bonzo carved from bone in an antique shop.
A perfect present from someone who likes Bonzo too.


I enjoy

 working on this book.The text  is a czech song for kids,my mother used to sing it to me :-)