rabbit needs

 holidays and have to say hello to the see. So see you after 10 days :-)

another kind

 of work - job. Some props for an animated cartoon.
My ex schoolmate Galina is working on pilot for her movie and I am a part of the team for a while.


he is young

 and crazy boy. He lost the horseshoe, so I had to create a special shoe for him, to be able to go out and spend the time with his friends :-)
I love this place,only 20 minutes from my home. It´s like the end of the world, the place, where you can forget all your worries and sorrows.


the second

 portion of my paper work is done. The first one was destroyed during installation. In the studio, they make a sandwich - glas, special foil, my paper, foil and glas. But it is very complicted to install the finished sandwich in the space....So thouseands of lines and points, about 15 meters of work... once again in one week.


little sisters

 photo by Tono Stano 19...something


father: standing and watching TV

 eating the fish and watching TV

 smoking and watching TV

laying in the bed and probably...watching TV
On these pictures you can see, how my sister saw our father, when she was a child


just a few

 tiny drawings and a dog, that I will have, one day. This one is a famous Dášenka, her picture was taken by Karel Čapek.
And the word at the end - I need to get organized!