some things can deeply

 touch the heart. A slim book - catalogue from an exhibition, I didn´t see. Jindřich Vik father of czech famous ceramist Jindra Viková. He made this incredible pictures when he was 76 years old. There is a wonderful text from Jaromír Zemina, very sensitive and a bit funny at the same time.


saturday changes

 First I changed the colour of my hair. But the result was not the goal. So from now at least one month you can call me miss grey mouse. Maybe this happened because I am working on flying mouses - with my new helper for the right hand thumb.
It´s time to dance all day long


new treasures

 from the secondhand store. Fancy shoes and the warmest sweater I ever had, warmer than a coat.



a few great moments

 in the evening... Could you imagine? Shaking hands with elephant in our small park? It was like from a movie. Dark, just the lights from the small cirque and moon. No one was there, just we two...


I could

 not resist, I had to try it. And now I know for sure -  to play with the tapes will be a big fun!
10 foxes from 10 foxes would agree


this could

be me. But I spend the time in bed with lemon, ginger, tea and... Frodo.
Have a nice Sunday evening