a sad discovery

Yesterday I both some old envelopes, because of my passion for old paper. In one of them, I discovered two letters. Father wrote it to his daughter, from the prison. In the year 1948...
I wonder what happened with this family, with the son, injured in the war, with the father. Did he come back home?


  1. What a treasure! Here in the US somebody found an old letter from WWII that had a marriage proposal in it. They were able to find the man whom wrote it, and he did in fact, marry the woman the letter was for. AMAZING!
    How goes it in Prague?

  2. treasure indeed! years ago i also found a whole bag of letters from the wartime. it took me hours to read all of them- afterwards i was so involved with the family. a lot of questions!
    i have used those letters in my work.
    thank you for your comment in my blog!
    Happy Easter!

  3. What a stories stories! And Ritva I will use the papers for my work too :-)

  4. To je jako začátek knihy...

  5. Yes, a sad discovery... but it is good to know that it ended up in your hands at some stage of its journey. You must have a fine collection of great and beautiful papers and treasures. Happy collecting and sourcing.


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