tiny friends

 Johánek and mister Little rabit were born yesterday, in the night. I could stop working on them, so I went to the bed very, very late. Almost in the morning :-)



 white sunday. With almost white , new, tiny friend. Thank you so much Pondělíčko


this is a real passion

 I buy some old things with the idea to use them for my work. But sometimes, I just leave them as they are...


a sad discovery

Yesterday I both some old envelopes, because of my passion for old paper. In one of them, I discovered two letters. Father wrote it to his daughter, from the prison. In the year 1948...
I wonder what happened with this family, with the son, injured in the war, with the father. Did he come back home?



were in my shop. But only for a few minutes. Thank you Pondělí!
Eye candy for Monday HERE