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work, but I don´t mind, I likemy work

sunny day in

 in Krakow with Soňa M. (acting a jumping horse on the picture). Me, always with the camera and a huge bag). Thank you Soňa for your company and a perfect  driving servis :-)
I missed THIS


what´s going on

 on my working table? I am a bit boggled down with work - new Art for kids  - 1970 should be finished in  few weeks, illustrations for  two children books and four exhibitions  till the end of the year...and a bathroom reconstruction :-)


verunka´s kingdom I.

 Veronika is my good friend and my ex schoolmate. I love to visit her,  she is one of the most creativ people I ever met. she is not making art, she is living art. I am very happy, to have the opurtunity to exhibit with her in December.



 useful for my forthcoming exhibition. Old frames, some of them with photographs.


one good reason

 why to look forward to the new year 2013. Soon the calendar will be available in the web shop.


saturday visit

 at Lenka Vilhelmová new studio and currently a small exhibition, she had together with J.Němcová. Great space, and lucky me - to have the opurtunity to use it,  if I would like to print huge prints.



 most of us, looking for the shadow, someone like it hot...

what shall I

 wear today? A treasure, I found some years ago in the trash. Two baby dolls (one was broken) with porcelain head and the body from paper-maché, together with their wardrobe. In the old paper box from tafel margarine. By hand, there was written - Babies and other dolls... unfortunately I didn´t find the other dolls :-)