goodbye seventieth...

welcome white. I didn´t like these tiles from the very first moment I first visited the flat. And that is almost 20 years ago. But then it wasn´t my home. I wated almost 6 years, and meanwhile I started to hate it. I use to call it - hard boiled eggs, with spinach in pease pudding. And now! it´s away! Hurray!
I could dance Beautiful tango


finished the chapter about otters.
Do you know the movie : Ring of bright water?
Or did you reed the book? I love both.

I am in love

with my new friend. His name is Inkling and I hope, he´s gonna be helpful. Of course pencils and brushes are my favourites, but please don´t tell him :-)


it´s hot

hot, hot. And I don´t like it!
Thank you dear "Rangifer tarandus" for some music :-)



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it´s time

 for a short blog break. too much work have.to be done, bathroom completely in reconstruction... Hope, to be back soon. 
Have a look at - Paul Schick
and listen to Tiny Vipers


books I brought

 from Krakow. It seems like a real passion - collecting books and old papers - first for joy, second for use.
the first book is made by Ola Cieślak - tiny and funny book
the second is made by Iwona Chmielewska - wonderful book with a sad story