in progress - "My home is, where you are" . Soon ( hopefully ) in my shop.


it is nice

to meet someone interesting and talk about the work
Thank you Iku, for the nice presents.



 working on a book and preaparing for the work on calendar 2014
have a look, I love this 


our private tradition

since we met each other, I get the first violets. So I know, the spring is here.


do you remeber

this , this and this?
Today I received an award for illustration for young children. time to celebrate or time to work? :-)
And the best award was a meeting with someone interesting - Iku Dekune!
For czech readers a recommend this - Živá voda


little ones. I had a lemon tree for many, many years 
(maybe 20? is it possible?) My grandmother grown it from a seed form me. Now it seems to be too old, so I try to grow some chappies. 
Martin Jarrie - love his work