quiet Monday mornings

I love this time, after the weekend, when there is no one at home, just me and the animals


let me introduce

mister M. He came a long way in a package to live with me. I found his name written inside his stylish knickers - MIRA. Three months since Thursday, he will stay at the university with me, to be my assistant,
after that he´ll move home with me. Thank you smu, for such a nice gift!




 I made as a Christmas present for my little relatives:
And I am very pleased, they love it.
My new favourites: WE THE COMMITTEE


pf 2014

wish you all the best in the year of the wooden horse!

what´s new

in January? New table tops in my studio - light grey painted wood, new sea-bear - birthday present and new diaries. I love new diaries - the black Moleskine is for organisation,  the other one for a 2014 project - Each day one drawing.
And a new goal for this year - to fight with procrastination!


sweet memories

hidden in the box. Found in the studio, when cleaning. My father, as a young men , me and Tono Stano in my parents home. I still do have some of the things, I can see on the shelves.